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We drive adoption for your online services through awareness.


promotion's marketing team will work with your agency to promote your Web site or application. Depending upon the size of the project, we can offer advice or create and implement an integrated marketing plan. Each online service is different and we look for new and unique ways to promote each service. will tailor a marketing strategy to best meet your needs.

web site highlights

We can strategically place your service on the portal for maximum exposure. Learn more.

news releases

We can help create and distribute news releases for your service.


We can demonstrate the new service to targeted community groups.

print material

We can design, print and deliver flyers and direct mailers to constituents.  Learn more.

logo usage

To use the logo you will need to adhere to our standards.  Learn more.

success metrics

In order to continue the success of, we pride ourselves on monitoring service metrics and customer feedback in order to make future service enhancements. This ensures that we provide the best possible Web experience to our users based on their very own behavior. Chart

site analytics

We monitor page views, time spent on page and bounce rates to determine the effectiveness of every online service.

adoption statistics

We closely monitor adoption statistics to determine the successful migration from offline to online services.


We conveniently place surveys throughout the site for users and government partners to complete in order to provide valuable feedback.

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