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We strive to be the best partner the state of Kansas has ever had.

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The state of Kansas is honored to be considered the birthplace of eGovernment. Kansas legislation was passed in 1990 authorizing the creation of the Information Network of Kansas, Inc (INK). In 1991, INK awarded Kansas Information Consortium, LLC, the network manager contract and began eGovernment operations. Undoubtedly, this makes the oldest and most experienced eGovernment portal in the nation.


With over 17 years of eGovernment experience, is fortunate to work with and build solid relationships with over 150 state and local government agencies in the state of Kansas. These relationships have created a solid foundation to ensure success in the state of Kansas.

The following are examples of state agencies who have worked with and are also available as references.

  • Kansas Secretary of State
  • Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Kansas Department of Labor
  • Kansas Chamber of Commerce

To get in touch with a representative from one of these agencies, please contact us.

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